Wigs for Kids.

CODE salon / February 20, 2023

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We all deserve to feel our best.
As a salon, we know the impact hair has on confidence and self-worth across all ages and genders. When children especially lose their hair due to medical diagnoses, such as chemotherapy, alopecia, or trichotillomania, the change in their appearance can devastate their self-esteem.

The Beginning.
Jeffery Paul witnessed a tragedy such as this when his 15 year old niece walked into his salon, tearfully begging him to stop her hair from falling out. She had been diagnosed with leukemia. Despite her diagnosis, she was determined to try out for the gymnastics team, but with her imminent hair loss due to chemotherapy, her confidence was shaken.

Jeffery promised her that she would have hair by the time she tried out, and he was going to keep that promise. Jeffery began researching wig creation and manufacturing and realized children’s wigs are much more complicated to create due to children being more active than an average adult. He worked with doctors and prosthetics specialists to design a wig that would maintain its integrity after enduring typical kid activities like swimming, sports, and play dates. After some time, they came up with a prototype that stayed stuck to the scalp even under the most dramatic conditions. If the wig got wet, it would just look like anyone else’s hair, as each of the 150,000 strands are hand-tied. Finally, Jeffrey had created something that could fulfill the needs of his niece as she tumbled through her gymnastics try-outs without the wig slipping an inch.

Jeffery’s Impact.
After word of his success spread across hair loss communities, the demands for Jeffrey’s wigs became overwhelming, and in 1981 Wigs for Kids was born. The wigs however are not just for children, but are for any person of all ages experiencing medical hair loss. He opened his office space in a medical facility building which allowed for his customers to have privacy when they came for fittings. Jeffrey filled for non-profit status and has been expecting donations of money and hair ever since.

Here at CODE.
Like many of the organizations we support and partner with at CODE salon, Wigs for Kids fights to better our community at the humanitarian level. We found Jeffrey’s story to be incredibly moving and something we wanted to be a part of. We have seen the impact and meaning Wigs For Kids has for the people donating their hair as well as the people receiving the wigs. At the salon, we actively take donations from men and women, and send them to Wigs for Kids for free. In order to donate, there are just a few hair donation requirements: the hair must be 12 or more
inches long, clean, and uncolored. If you are considering donating your hair, feel free to book a “Transformation Haircut” at CODE or bring your hair from another hair salon in a ponytail or braid and drop it off to contribute to this worthy cause.

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