The Power of Open Spaces

CODE salon / July 29, 2019

They’ve always mattered. Those essential spaces where we humans get to explore unfamiliar things, meet new people, seek out what’s true, make a few messes, change our minds, and define ourselves. Again and again.

For some, liberating environments are easy to find. For others, they are discovered after years spent feeling different and undervalued. CODE is an open space built by those with a fire in the belly to grow a community connected by a respect for human diversity. And the self-expression of it.

At CODE, the turbulence of 2018 left us contemplating what we would do without the liberated places we depend on to feel comfortable in our own skin. We thought about who we would be without the open-minded, compassionate, and rebellious people who populate our worlds. We wondered what our lives would be like without communities where we are free to be who we please.

So, yeah, we’ve been doing some reflection and the upshot is we love where we’ve landed as we begin 2019! We’re doubling down at CODE by creating a new online space for anyone and everyone who shares our belief that each of us, as humans, are valuable and worthy of being seen.

Welcome to CODE SOCIETY, our new blog, and virtual community. Here we aim to explore the wonder and complexity of living a life that is creative, honest, compassionate, and, whenever possible, fun & fab as hell. We will share posts about art, culture, craft, and fashion that we hope inspires you as much as it inspires us.

Stories from our ever-expanding community are in the works. We look forward to bringing them to you and settling in for some energizing conversations.

Join CODE SOCIETY and together we will amplify the power of open spaces.