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Athleticism. “I can do a kick-flip in heels.” – Jia

Jia Sevilla Robinson


Jia cites collaboration as one thing that everyone at CODE values, calling it the ‘C’ in CODE. These days, she is excited to push herself as a new Educator. This drive is rooted in a belief that doors will open if you do something every day that makes you a little uncomfortable. Jia values listening as the most important ingredient in great relationships. It means a lot to her to talk with the folks who spend time in her chair. She just plain shines when she thinks about giving CODE guests “a badass haircut.”

Cutting hair. “Using physics and geometry, I map out a foundation on a moving, thinking, breathing human. I get to follow the rules and shatter them at the same time, all while getting to know the person. It’s both technical and emotional. What’s not to love?” - Jia
She can do a kick-flip in heels


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